Sara Smith, DC
Roswell, GA 

               Specializing in Energy Work and Kinesiology             

Barbara DoDero, RMT
      Loveland, CO
  •      Non-force, Gentle Care
  •      Applied Kinesiology
  •      Kinesiology for Sports Performance
  •      Muscle Testing
  •      Acupressure  
  •      Meridian Balancing
  •      Bioenergetics/ Energy Work
  •      Sound Healing
  •      Tapping
  •       Individualized, Intuitive Healing Code 
  •       Emotional Healing

Sara Smith, D.C. is a pioneer on the frontier of human evolution.  She helps people realize their potential, and acts as a catalyst in their evolution, on physical, chemical, mental and spiritual levels.  She describes her work in the following way:

Our bodies are made up of bones, organs, muscles, nerves, chemicals, and other tissues.  On a deeper level, we are made up of molecules and atoms.  But deeper still is the energy body, which determines how the molecules and atoms will assemble themselves; how they do determines our level of wellness or illness, well-being, or being in a "rut."  Meridian Balancing, acupressure and bioenergetics (energy work) remove blocks of energy in order to restore wellness in the body, and advance your evolutionary state.  

Healing is the process of becoming a new and improved you, and not merely being returned to the state you were in before you were presented with a health challenge or other stresses such as emotional stress or chemical stress. 
Life itself is a process and we are faced with challenges, whether physical or mental, social or spiritual, at every turn.  We offer hands-on healing that will help you release the patterns that are holding you back.  When you are free from old physical and emotional patterns in your being, your new life begins.  This is your evolution. Expect an unfolding of your life, new and improved.  This may occur in the form of pain relief.  It may occur as a profound change in the way you see the world and your place in it.  Whatever life challenge is put in your path, it is a milestone along the way that leads you to your new self.  Pain is a great messenger, and pain relief is part of what we do.  But we don't stop there.  We take you on a journey of self-discovery so that you learn from your body's challenges.  As your energetic body advances through this pioneering work, you evolve: spiritually, physically, and mentally. 

Please Note:  This work is not chiropractic, nor is it massage, and it is not being represented as such. 
It is an entirely unique approach unto itself.
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