Sara Smith, DC
Roswell, GA 

               Specializing in Energy Work and Kinesiology             

Barbara DoDero, RMT
      Loveland, CO
  •      Non-force, Gentle Care
  •      Applied Kinesiology
  •      Kinesiology for Sports Performance
  •      Muscle Testing
  •      Acupressure  
  •      Meridian Balancing
  •      Bioenergetics/ Energy Work
  •      Sound Healing
  •      Tapping
  •       Individualized, Intuitive Healing Code 
  •       Emotional Healing


Healing is the process of becoming a new and improved you, and not merely being returned to the state you were in before you were presented with a health challenge or other stresses such as emotional stress or chemical stress. 

Please Note:  This work is not chiropractic, nor is it massage, and it is not being represented as such. 
It is an entirely unique approach unto itself.
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