About Us
Sara Smith, D.C. is the practitioner in the Roswell, GA center.   Barbara DoDero, R.M.T. is the practitioner in the Loveland, Colorado center.  Both travel to work in each of the centers.
Over the course of a 20 year career as a chiropractor, Sara discovered that disease, acute and chronic illness, aches, pains, anxiety and emotional distress respond exceptionally well to balancing the energy of the body.  In a typical session Sara utilizes kinesiology, meridian balancing, acupressure and, at times, sound healing, tailoring the session to the individual.  Sessions are about 30 minutes long.  The gentle nature of this work makes it appropriate for all ages, including infants and the elderly.  Sara has extensive experience working with all ages.
Barbara DoDero R.M.T is a registered massage therapist and has studied kinesiology, meridian balancing, acupressure and energy work extensively, with  Sara.  

Please Note:  This work is not chiropractic, nor is it massage, and it is not being represented as such.  It is an entirely unique approach unto itself.
During a session the practitioner utilizes a non-force, soft touch approach.  This technique allows the individual to release old patterns that have become entrenched in the body and that may have caused re-occurring symptoms or pain.  Long-standing problems that have never gone away with other types of treatment, or, that have abated for a little while but then come back, have the opportunity to finally find a place of resolution and release.  Many individuals have found that their health issues they have had for years, never return.  Others with "incurable" illness find that their symptoms are much reduced and their quality of life much improved.
Sessions are designed to improve the energy balance of the body and mind, which in turn may bring about pain relief, more energy, a clearer mind, and  a heightened awareness of one's self.  Physical, emotional and spiritual evolution are a natural result of this work.  Your life has the possibility to change in profound ways, because in order to have a new reality, you cannot continue to live in old patterns.
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